Wednesday, December 30, 2009

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Another mommy bloger did this and Though I would do it too Wow what a differnece in a year

Thanks Heather

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas !!

We had a pretty good day . Our little miss got some great new toys and some clothes .
Please pray for little miss to gain weight as we are really struggling with this.

Thursday, December 24, 2009


>When we found out we were having a little girl we were so excited. We would of been happy with a boy too but were very excited to have a little girl. Before we had found out what we were having, we had already decided on a little boys name, but we were stump for a little girl. After getting confirmation it was a girl, we get running names by each other and we just could not settle on one name.

When I entered the hospital, and after we found our she would be arriving, My sister who was visiting and throwoing me my baby showe ask if there was anything I needed. my request was the baby name book. People had give us suggetions, requests, and not to use some names in particular.

Even after we had her, we quicky discussed names, I had yet to see her little face, I saw her breifly when daddy was cutting the cord but I wanted to see her, feel her,and really just look at her.

None of the names we had discussed did we end up using. We completely changed after we saw her. When we announced the name our biggest reaaction was wow such a big name for a little girl. Another comment was why Alexandrea

We choose this name because we felt it was a great name for the little girl we just had. We felt that it fit her.

Lars mom is from Denmark, her brothers still live there, It was not until afte we had named our little girl that we found out her mother name is Alexandra Elizabeth. I never met her mother and thought her name was Elisabeth as this is what she went by.

Although we do spell her name with an additional "e" Alexandrea

On wed I received a note in the mail from Lars mom with some great photos of Alexandrea's great grand mother. I am not sure how old she was but I am guessing 18 months to 2.
I can see my little Alexandrea in her great grandma Alexandra Elisabeth

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

a montage

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1 year ago

One Year ago we drove home from Portland Oregon with our baby girl after 6 weeks being in the hospital. What a Journey this last year has been. We just love her so much and cannot imagine our lives without her.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Mother's Milk Bank

Today I received a card in the mail from Mother's Milk Bank an I though I would share it here

In a room so clean and white
A tiny baby tries to fight
The tubes and pumps and light seem so wrong
For one so new and not so strong

Everyday new strength is found
With mothers' milk from unknown friends
Victoriously, the battle ends

A happy couple homeward bound
Admires the baby safe and sound
Gone are the days of worry and fear
Now there's time to hold him near

This baby's family may never know
Whose gift i was that helped him grow
But in there hearts will always be
A special thought for the MMB!!

The Mother's Milk Bank
wishes to express
its sincere appreciation for your donation of

7594 ounces of human milk.

All I have to say is wow!! 7594 ounces, just in donated milk. thi s does not include the milk that Alexandrea ate, the milk that was dumped for various reasons ie. no freezer space, out of town,

7594 Ounce (fl oz) = 59.3281250032 Gallon
that avarages out to around 5 gallons a month


Thursday, December 10, 2009

13 months

Alexandrea is 13 months today, she is so much fun
Yesturday one of our pipes on our furnace froze, ugg this left us with no heat in the bedrooms. We ended up lighting our gas fireplace (we orignallywere not going to because we did not want to risk Alexandrea getting burned etc. ) and also used a little space heater in the bedroom, sinc here room was so cold, we put her in her bassinet, She was not too thrilled as she loves her space in her crib, but soon settled down
Tonight our furnace is fixed and she is peacfully sleeping away

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

what a difference

One Year ago today , we received the news that our baby would be flown to Portland. On Dec 1, She had been started back on her feeds, she had done very well all day until her 2 am feeding.
When we arrived around 8 am dec 2 and immediatly knew our life would be changing and our daughter would be flown to a higher level nicu. The Dr arrived around 830 am and ordered another x ray and was sure , at this point our baby had Nec Our minds raced in what to do, We lived 300 miles from the hosp, Should Lars fly and I drive, or should I fly.

We decided pretty quickly that I would fly and Lars would come by bus or be driven up by someone. I raced home grabed a bag and threw some clothes in and a few other necessary items, my mom came by and picked me up and took me back to the hospital. Not 20 min late we were on the plane to Portland.
It was a beautiful clear day , the day before was a extremely foggy and if I remember correctly there were no planes that made it off the ground that day. So I was greatful , it was clear, but it was cold. We arrived in Portland about 1 1/2 hours later.

The Dr's in Portland Immediatly ruled out Nec and thus our jouney began in Portland You can go here to see more . Our sweet Princess all bundled up and ready to go.

In daddy's arms right before they put her on the gurney to leave.

And 1 year later, Cranking her car

All smiles

Alexandrea's buddy Bella

I am so cute!!!
Thanks to everyone for the year of support, shoulders and everything you have done for us. We could not do it without you !!
Much Love,
Becky, Lars and Alexandrea

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Birthday Toy!

one of Alexandrea's Favorite birthday toys is this toy she can stand at. Our little miss can stand at this for about 10 min or so before she falls or no longer want to stand.

We recently had a evaluation and this time she qualifies for EI (early intervention) Her therapy will be starting this friday, She is still pretty weak in her legs, not walking or crawling and is standing but does not budge, so hopefully this thereapy will help with this.

And her face when we take her away when she wants to stay.

will post more after her thereapy.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Third tooth

it is official, Alexandrea has cut her third tooth, a upper right. I am sure her other upper front tooth is not far behind

Can you tell she is excited?