Monday, February 16, 2009

we are stilll trying to this sight up and running ,untl thn please follow our journey at

we are so blessed to have our daughter, she is a miracle.

I can't beliEve i had my daughter 14 weeks ago, She amazes me on a daily basis

please see a pic from yesturday. just too cute

Thursday, February 12, 2009


alexandrea ha been a little more cranky since tued afternoon, she had to get her 3rd rsv shot. She is still a very good baby. We are starting to see more smiles from her and she just lights uopwhen she smiles. It is rather cute and we have nto been able to get any smiles on camera.

Here is a picture we did manage to get where it looks like she was smiling, she was turning her head from side to side though with her mouth open .

She is continuing to eat well, , please pray that she continues to eat well and gain weight.
She is mainly drinking from a bottle but also nursing some too. I am continuing to pump for her so she gets the best. I am a great producer of breast milk and have made my first donation to the mothers milk bank. When we took in teh ice chest for it to be shipped, it was 40 lbs worth. yes 40 lbs and that was only a small stach out of my freezer. The bank will paturize the milk and then it will go to other preemie babies or geriatric patients that are in the hospital.

Alexandrea has doubled her birth weight and is now up to 6lbs 6 oz.

will talk with you all later