Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Day !

I can't believe this is our third Christmas with our beautiful daughter . Christmas 2008 was such a blur due to her early arrival. We got home from Portland on Dec 23th . One of my great friends and my mom had manage to put up our tree, I did managed to put on some decorations

Christmas 2008

Christmas 2009, was great too, but she was not into opening presents, but did love her gifts she had received .

Christmas 2009

For Chrsitmas 2010 Alexandrea loved every minite , the tree, the ornaments, the lights . We felt so blessed this Christmas Season. She loved opening all her presents too an thought everything was for her.

On her new horse!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas Season and a Happy New Year !!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christmas Season!!

2 years ago, My awesome big sister got this stocking for Alexandrea, She was so tiny that she fit in this stocking.

In her Christmas Dress!!

Miss blue eyes!

Having fun in a diaper box, Daddy was giving her train rides!

One of the santa's we have seen this year , She actually will sit and not cry

Hugging Santa

My sweet Baby girl is getting excited

To meet her newest sister!

30 weeks 1 day 3lbs 11 oz guestimate

My last u/s we got this image, We think she is beautiful, and we do not have a name for her yet .
As I near the gestation , I had Alexandrea I am starting to get a little more nervous but this lil girl, if they guessed right is already bigger than Alexandrea was at birth (3 lbs even 32 weeks 6 days).