Sunday, May 31, 2009


We had a pretty good day today, At church today we dedication our little one. Everyone Just though how cute she was in her dress. Right after though I had go go change her as on the way to church, she spit up nice and good all over the front of her dress and smell like soured milk. Good thing I was able to clean her up enough before church started. Then she wanted to eat again, so I really did not get to hear ther service as i spent it with her instead.
Aleexandrea is now alomost 7 months, If she has been born on her due date she would be 5 months. I can't believe how much she is changing,, After service was all over we were talking ot soem friends and we had her laying on the chairs in the sanctuary, she found the backs of the chair pretty facinating and alomost rolled over from her back to her tummy, if the back had not been there, she should of made it all the way. It was just too cute.

I also think she has started teething, she is just wanting to gum everything and has just been a little more fussy. She is still sleeping through the night and We have no issues here. We love this, we followed baby wise (just the parts really felt too) and also went by her since we do have a little one with feeding issues.

When we were at the Dr last week he did ok to start on foods but vegies before fruit and so far she has had rice cereal , which she thought was ok, Took a few bites real well then was done and then also has tried sweet potatoes, took one bite and then another then she was not too sure, It was rather cute to see

Please continue to pray for Alexandrea to gain weight, Here over the next couple of weeks she will be having a few test just to be on the safe side, to make sure she does not have certain things such as cystic fibrosis, a metobolic disorder and other things.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I Just realized tonight I had not updated in a while. We have been pretty busy.
While I would love to say Alexandrea is growing like a weed, she still is growing at her own pace. We went to the dr today for her 6 mo check up, she weighed in at 9lbs 2.2 oz and was around 23 in long. The dr would love her to be gaining more weight but was happy as developmentally she is right where she needs to be.
We are going to have a few tests done to be sure that there is nothing more going on.
OHSU has a clinic that comes to medford once a month , so Alexandrea will be getting an echocardigram to check on her asd (atrial septal defect), We are hoping and praying that this will have closed.

Alexandrea is full of smiles and laughter, and is so much fun. We are amazed more and more by her every day. Over Memorial day Weekend, we had our first road trip, we went to Portland to see Aunt Karen and Uncle Chris and Alexandrea's cousins David and Kevin. We also saw a good friend our ours and some other Family members that soon will have a new little one. We had a great time and it was great to see you all and can't wait to see you all again.

Lars and I also have few prayer requests for extended family members, It is rather ironic that they almost have idetical names and both are due around the same time and will deliver at the same hosp.

please say a prayer for Kari and Darin as they approach the birth of their daughter Emma Grace, She will have to have surgery soon after birth for a sacrococcygeal teratoma. She will be here on june 8th unless she comes earlier.

then also prayers for karen and darrin as they also approach there due date for the birth of a little boy, who yet has to be named , for karen blood pressure to stay down.

We love you all and Alexandrea can't wait to play!

Please also say a prayer for Alexandrea to continue to grow and all her test to go well.

This weekend we will also be dedicating Alexandrea. We are so excited to be doing this. We will post pictures as well.

much love

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Please say a prayer for thr Freeman Family , I wanted to let you know in case you haven't heard .....little Kayleigh went to be with Jesus last night. She was a little baby born who was just around 1 lb and has spent the last 11 months in the NICU. After some recent surgeries, she had become brain dead and last night she left this world for a much better place. Please keep her family in your prayers. I can't imagine all they have been through. The pictures from yesterday will break your heart - but their faith is strong.

Sunday, May 10, 2009


Today marked another first for us, as it was our first mother's day. Yes I am a step mom but Chris is with his mom on this sepcial day but it is my first mothers.

Last year on mothers day we annouced to some of our family that we were pregnant.
Motherhood has been awesome and wonderful. We have had so much already ups and downs in Alexandrea's short life but they are so woth it.

Today also marks Alexandreas 6 month birthday. Can you belive we had our little girl 6 months ago? it seem s like just yesturday

I hope everyone has a wonderful mothers day.

Jennifer and her daughter

Chasie trying to hold Lexi

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Saturday, May 2, 2009


wow! I can't believe it has been 2 weeks since I have posted. We have been quite busy.

e had my neice here for alomost a week so that kept me super busy with 2 babbies under 1, but it was still lots of fun. She is a acive baby on the go, She is 11 months as of yesturday.

Lars and I are tired tonight. Today was the march of dimes walk in our area. The walk was around 6 miles. We fed Alexandrea right before we left, she did great and slept most of the time. We do not have but a few pics on the cell phone as we brought the camera, but had forgot to get the memory card out of the computer.

Lexi is now almost 6 months or 4 months corrected, She loves to sit and just look around to see what is going on, so today we tried putting her in the jumper. Since she is still very tiny , even on the lowest setting, she cannot reach, but she enjoyed being in it for about 10 min.

Please continue to pray for growth for Alexandrea. Last weight on my scale was 8lbs 8oz.

also please pray for baby Kayleigh (click on the button for her link) as after her latest sugery, now the dr's are sayign she is brain dead. Her parents are still hoping for a miracle and to bring her home.