Sunday, April 19, 2009


ahh something that melts my heart, I just can't help but smile when i see this every morning. It melts my heart. I just love it.

The March of Dimes holds a very special place in my heart. Because of the amazing grace of God, the might power of prayer, and the research done by the March of Dimes our baby girl is alive and well.

Until this past year I really knew nothing about the March of Dimes. Of course I knew they had an impact on babies and families, they held walks and raised money. But I didn't really know anything more.

After having Alexandrea the March of Dimes gave us us a packet full of information. The packet included information about premature babies, information about the NICU, information about how to be a parent in the NICU, and so forth. The information was very helpful. At this point in time I still didn't know exactly what the March of Dimes did. We also met the March of Dimes Head of Oregon Chapter at Doernbecker, Her Name was Jennifer, She gave me a disposable camera, and printed pictures, gave me some scrapbook supplies etc.

Since that time I have learned. And I am so very thankful. The March of Dimes conducts research. Research that helps prevent pre-term births and research that helps those babies that are born pre-term. Matter of fact in 1985 the March of Dimes funded research that led to the use of surfactant to treat respiratory distress syndrome. Babies don't have the surfactant they need in order to breathe. The minute babies are born too early surfactant is administered and helps them breath. Thank you March of Dimes! The March of Dimes also educates women on how to have a healthy pregnancy and in turn have a healthy baby. And they provide information to families with newborns in intensive care.

I will be participating in this year's walk which will be held on May 2nd and other cities is April 25th. I will be walking in honor of Alexandrea and Chaselynn and their lives. I will also be donating money to this worthy cause. If you feel led to donate to the March of Dimes you can click on the purple button in the left sidebar.

Saturday, April 18, 2009


one year ago Lars and I took a test, this one was positive.
one year ago we found out we were pregnant.
one year ago.

it is amazing how our lives have changed in one year
we can't believe it has been one year we love our little muchkin more and more everyday and look forward to the years to come and getting to see her grow more and what she will become.

I have almost caught her smile on camera.

Her new thing this week is putting things in her mouth, she seems to like to chew on whatever and of course, then she starts drooling and blowing bubbles it is rather cute.

please continue to say a prayer for Alexandrea's growth, it is still slow but the dr ok at this point as long as she is growing.
we did meet with the feeding clinic, they were happy that we had tried numerous bottles, nipples, formula etc. They really did not have much to offer at this point other than what I was already doing. The occupational thereapist was there and also due to Alexandrea's prematuraty , they also gave her a develpmental eval. She did great, So far she is on track , they did give us a few exercises that we can do with her, to help strengthen her muscles, rolling over,and standing.

please also pray for kayleigh, she was born around 12 weeks early and is now almost 10 months old, she is still in the NICU and has never gone home, She has had so many challenges in her short life and again has to recently again had to have surgery, please click on the side button or visit

Monday, April 13, 2009

Happt Easter!

our day was great! she was addorable all day and full of smiles and we still have been unable to capture on camera.

more later!

this is from saturday in a pre easter dress. We dressed her up, She was given soem really cute dresses from her uncle Eric and Aunt Julie.

Saturday, April 11, 2009


Wow Our baby girl turned 5 months old yesturday. We can't believe Alexandrea has been here for 5 months, it seems like yesturday that we were spending our day at the NICU.

Alexandrea is doing well, feeidngs are much better but there are still times where they are so difficult. We will be meeting with the feeding clinic this next week and see if there is anything they can offer. On a great feeding, she has taken as much as 5 1/2 oz, other feeds, she screams and we can only get 1 oz down her. We as parents have tried so many differnt things , differnt bottles, different nipples, formula. The one thing we want most of all is for her to eat so she can grow, She is just abotu 8 lbs and she has not even made it to the growth curve but is following it.

thnak you to all who have prayed for us as it has helped us gt through the past 5 months.

Overall shs is truly a joy, we love her so much and cannot imagine our life without her.

On another note

This is my neice, she too entered the world about 7 weeks early and look how far she has come she is now 10 months and already trying to walk. She is a sweetheart . She alos has become quite the chunky monkey and weighs like 20lbs (was 3 lbs 15 oz at birth)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Just another day

Hello everyone

Alexandrea is doing fairly well, we have had a busy week with her.

Yesturday, she went in for her 4th rsv shot. We were told at her last appt in march that April would be her last shot, but due to rsv season, she will get 1 more next month, unless they determine rsv season over here, the shot only last for a month, so hopefully rsv season will be over soon.

Lexi also went to the dr today for a well baby check and she weighed in at 7lbs 13.2 oz and was 21 3/4 in longShe also had to get some of her shots, she was not a happy camper, but soon after gave me big smiles.

We still have not managed to capture her beautiful smile on camera, every time I try ang grt a picture she just stares at it and sticks out her tongue, Got lots of tongue pics though.

next week we do have an appt with the feeding cinic, we hope this will be sucessful and give us ideas, on what we can do to get her toeat better. Changing formula has done wonders already.

we are still tweaking some. she also seems to be tolerting eating breastmilk as well. We just need her eating more, so she can gain just a little more and make it on the growth curve.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Thumbs up

I had a busy week at work. We are getting excited as Alexandrea's brother will be getting to meet her soon, It won't be for a few months yet though, For those who read and do not know, he lives in oklahoma,with his mom while we live in oregon. We can't wait till ya meet.

here are some new pics enjoy.

On a exciting not, Alexandrea nused tonight, the first time in weeks for 15 min, I enjoyed every min, She quit when the dog barked. Lets hope and pray she will do this again.

Her farmor gave her a beautiful udder down, it is aounnd the size of a crib matress, She ordered this from Denmark and friends that live there sent it, We are loving sunggling with this blanket, as it is so soft , We also had another friend send us a elephant. it is not a toy but a aromathy, heat/ ice pack. It is realy cool, We have been using this if Alexandrea tummy seems to be upset, or she has cold hands . You put it in the microwave for about 30 sec and place iton her tummy and wala. Please see the pic below with the blanket and elephant. Even alexandera is giving them a thumbs up! Thank you again Farmor!

All snuggled up and ready for a stroller ride! It has been rather chily here, but we did go out for a short walk last weekend, We wrapped her up in her new blanket and went for a short walk, This was also the first time she rode in the stroller without her car seat. She loved it!! Buy the time we got home She was sound asleep.

We have also put alexandrea in a bumbo that was given to us, She loves to sit in this and just look around, I know I know, the pics were taken while she was on the bed but we were right there and we really wanted to get the pics. they are too cute .

i love the experssion on this next one, it is almost like What is that and get it away from me

Also i ended up on wednesday sending off ice chest # 4 and 5 full of breast milk. I now have sent about 200lbs (or 3200 oz) abd i still problyhave another 1500 oz in my freezer. I was very blessed when it came to me having enough, now if I could just get Alexandrea to gulp down lots of bm it would even be better. So please pray for eating more breatmilk and gaining weight appropriatly. We go back next week and will let you know all how she has done.
will chat with you all later.