Saturday, April 24, 2010

March for Babies

Today was the annual March for babies 2010. We had a great time , and the weather was perfect for the most part, a little chilly if the sun was hiding but overall it was awesome.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

17 months

This post is a few is a few days late but lil miss Alexandrea is now 17 months old.

On Sunday April 4th we ended up at her dr's office , where she was diagnosed with rsv.

She did have the rsv shots too, but does not prevent it. It is rare that they get it , but when they receive the shots it can help lessen the the symptoms.

She felt pretty lousy and did not want to eat and did loose some weight, arrg . This is the hardest part, we work so hard to get her to eat and gainwhat little she does for her to loose it so quickly. When she did eat, she had a hard time becuase she was coughing so bad that it came right back up. Our battle with the feeding tube was horrible too, as again she would just cough and gag and throw it up. It was not fun. After a few days she was on the mend and feeling much better .

This morning , I was feeling in her mouth and 3 molars have cut through with 1 more coming.

We keep hoping that once she gets her teeth , that this will help with eating.

She has been doing a little better over the past few days and has finally let me spoon feed her again (hsd refused a spoon since december), but only a few bites, so this is encouraging. She is also starting to eat a few other things to besides just puffs such as yogurt, cottage cheese and shreeded cheese. Her new favorite this are vegie chip straws.

Most of the time though her favorite thing to do is feed the dog.

Her weight gain seems to be at at stand still but now that she is better , and has cut most of her molars , now just maybe she will gain weight.

She still is not walking independently, she loves to walk around though holding onto something like her doll stroller, or the coffee table. I do not think it will be too much longer though. Over this last week she has been much more brave too and has discovered that she can stand in her crib and let go. She is also standing for a few seconds.

Sunday, April 4, 2010


Yesterday, Alexandrea was in her first contest. It is called the baby blossum/bud . There were over 200 babies who completed and about 8 catagories. We entered Alexandrea im the bluest eyes. Alexandrea did not win, but there were so many beautiful babies. Our lil miss was in a cute little sailer dress.

It was taking so long, and we has a funeral to go to, so we ended up leaving early.

She always has cough due to her reflux, but saturday she had more of a cough but by sat night, you could tell she was not feeling well.

On Easter morn we stayed home from church due to our little lady. We, did get her in her dress but you could tel she just did not feel well.

She did love the eggs in her basket. She did not care tht over half of them were empty, She really just enjoyed rolling and banging them.

Checking everything out

Today while taking a nap I went into check on her, I just though it was so cute and how it looked like she was praying

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter .
May god bless everyone.
Becky, Lars and Alexandrea