Sunday, July 25, 2010

Hello Everyone

Alexandrea has a announcement to make

Well did you guess what her annoucment is?

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Wildlife Safari

Wow!!! I can't believe it is the middle of July already. We have been so busy lately . Alexandrea's big brother flew in from Oklahoma to spend part of his summer here with us. We are all having a good time. Alexandrea is loving her big brother and is hilarious at times with him. On his first day here she kept saying hi and bye, it was pretty cute.

A you can see above, she is pretty proud of herself, She is finally walking and taking up to about 10 steps independently at 20 months. We are so excited to see this change in her. She is still pretty tiny though and is not quite 16 lbs.

We recently (well in June) did go to Portland for a few days, We met with the genetic dr, the gi and were also seen by the eye Dr. All of her appts went as well as could be expected, We really did not learn anything knew but came away that what we are doing for her to gain wait is what we need to do, so we just have to keep it up.
When we were in Portland, her Auntie Karen showed her how to play with the measuring cups and put them on her head, well she discovered my drawer and as soon as she saw the measuring cups, they went immediately on the floor and then to her head. it was pretty cute.

She also has recently had her first Popsicle. She thought it was pretty good.

Today, we went on an adventure to Wildlife Safari. It is a awesome drive though animal park. They have over 550 animals there, from Lions, tigers and bears, yaks, buffalo, rhinos and many many more. You drive though this park, some animals are behind fences but other animals can walk up to your car. Its kinda like Jurassic Park but different too. You just can't get out of you car.

In this park, the speed limit is no more than 10 mph and you are allowed to remove kiddos from their seats to see too. Alexandrea loved to see all the animals.

I have so much more exciting new to report but it will have to wait for now.
keep watching.